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Everyday Math Online components for 2004, 2007, and 2012 copyrights

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A description of components available through the Everyday Math Online website, including references to the original CDs, books, and other materials from which some of the online components were adapted.

The Everyday Math Online website ( provides customers with a variety of resources to support the ©2004, ©2007, and ©2012 editions of the Everyday Mathematics curriculum. The online components were designed as compilations, adaptations, or enhancements of virtually every printed book and CD in the curriculum, or as new interactive resources.

Teacher Materials and Interactives

  • ePlanner (©2007, ©2012) - Pacing set on your own calendar, with immediate access to all materials and resources related to the current lesson.

  • ePresentations (©2012) - Comprehensive, interactive presentations designed for in-class instruction (downloadable software required, but works with any whiteboard or projected display).

  • eToolkit (©2012) - Large collection of web-based manipulatives, and background templates, timers, etc., for use with any display. (Works with any whiteboard or projected display.)

  • Interactive Teacher's Lesson Guide (©2012) - An alternate method to access various books and resources through the interface adapted from the Interactive Teacher Lesson Guide (iTLG) CD version (©2004, ©2007). Features a cross-resource search tool and multi-window navigation so you never lose your place.

  • Crosswalk (©2007) - Identifies how 2007 content maps to the Common Core State Standards. Not needed for 2012 content, which integrates Common Core connections throughout the curriculum.

  • Resource Libraries (©2007, ©2012) - Adapt and expand content from the Interactive Teacher Lesson Guide CD. Includes "Handbook Masters" and other electronic books, family letters, interactive activities, and more.

  • Free Resources (©2004, ©2007, ©2012) - A variety of supplementary materials, such as animated demonstrations of algorithms used in the program.  The home page provides some free resources which are appropriate for parent or student use.  Schools with print-only purchases may request access to enhanced (and protected) Free Resources through their sales rep.  (See "Links/Resources" below.)

  • Online Plus Packs (©2007, ©2012) - Bundled with the purchase of physical wall chart and gameboard kits, as an online enhancement.  These are not included with any online subscription packages.

Student Materials and Interactives

  • EM Games (©2004, ©2007, ©2012) - Adaptations of the physical game boards. Allow student self-exploration of math concepts, with detailed reporting for teachers and school-level personnel.

    • Some of the online games were adapted as mobile apps for Apple iOS and Android devices.  Although gameplay is virtually identical to the online versions, the apps are independent purchases, and only keep score internally (i.e. they do not connect to the Internet, or affect scores in the online system).

  • EM Facts Workshop Game (©2012) - Math fact practice, system with achievement rewards for students,  and detailed reporting for teachers.

  • McGraw-Hill FactDash Game (©2012) - Simple math fact practice system, with no reporting.

  • Interactive Student/My Reference Books (©2007, ©2012) - Complete Student Reference Books with interactive enhancements, such as video and voiceover of all text. The ©2012 edition also includes CCSS correlations.


  • Assessment Management System (©2007) - Online tracking system for the Everyday Math 3rd Edition curriculum,with similar to the data entry and reporting features of the Teacher Assessment Assistant CD (©2004, ©2007).  Includes optional summary reporting at the school or district.  Does NOT include any student access.

  • Assessment Management (©2012, released Fall 2011) - Includes two components:

    • Online Benchmark Assessments - Includes teacher and student access, pre-built Online Benchmark Assessments, and robust tools for generating custom assessments from existing or authored questions. Teacher and administrator management, with  online or offline student assessments.

    • Assessment Management Spreadsheets - Spreadsheet adaptations of the assessment checklists, for each Recognizing Student Achievement (RSA) and Progress Check (PC) unit assessment.  Includes Individual Profile of Progress and Class Checklist forms.

  • Assessment Differentiation System (©2012, released Fall 2012) - Comprehensive assessment and differentiation system, including checklists for all program assessments, intuitive controls for creating custom assessments, and prescriptive reporting, guides and activities. Includes features for teacher and administrator management and reporting, with online or offline student assessments.

Access is provided through annual subscription.  The specific components available to teachers and students at a school will depend on the choice of copyright year and subscription package. For more information, please contact your local sales representative