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ConnectED - Redemption Code/Master Code Difference Explanation

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This article explains the differences between a redemption code and a master code.

Master Code:

A Master Code is a series of 16 letters and numbers that is redeemed by a teacher to gain access to the books and materials for their course.  A teacher should redeem both Student Edition and Teacher Edition Master Codes if they are available to your school and for your course.  A Master Code only needs to be redeemed once by each teacher using the content.  While teachers will register both Student and Teacher Edition Master Codes, teachers will not use up a license seat for Student Editions.

When a teacher registers a Student Edition Master Code, they are prompted to set an end date for their Redemption Code.  This is the date when the classes associated with the code will be released, the license seats are returned to the school, and the teacher will be prompted to generate another code.

Redemption Code:

A Redemption Code is a series of 12 letters and numbers which is unique to each teacher, course, and school year.  It is generated when a teacher redeems a Student Edition Master Code.  This code is what a student will use to gain access to the book and the other materials for their class, such as animations and homework assignments.  The Redemption Code only needs to be entered once by each student.  A Redemption Code should not be shared between teachers or used again after the school year is over.

Note: Do not distribute Master Codes to your students. When you add a student edition Master Code to ConnectED as a teacher, it will generate a 12-digit redemption code. You will then provide this redemption code to your students.