CustomerSupport - EM3 - How do I Prepare Student Accounts for a New School Year?

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EM3 - How do I Prepare Student Accounts for a New School Year?

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This article explains how student accounts will be updated to have them ready for the next school year.

At the beginning of each school year, teachers must assign students to their new classes. At the end of the year, the students must then be released from those classes. Otherwise, the next year's teacher will be unable to select them.

To help with this process, we now perform a Promote and Release service for all customers on the last Friday in July. This service advances students to the next grade level and removes them from former classes, while still retaining each student’s existing username and password. Depending on the product, it may also retain some student data, but please print or export any critical reports prior to the last Friday in July.

Because we perform the Promote and Release service automatically, no action is required on your part. When the new school year begins, teachers can simply set up their new classes, either choosing existing or newly-imported students, or manually creating new students.

If your school or district has additional user management needs, such as a partial import request for new enrollees, please be aware that many administrative services can only be performed at the district or school level. We cannot accommodate requests from individual teachers. Due to the wide impact of such requests, it is imperative that they come from the highest possible level within your organization. To submit a request for special user management services, please contact us via phone, chat or email.

We will respond as quickly as possible to let you know when the request has been fulfilled, or to ask for additional details if needed. Requests are handled in the order in which they are received. You may submit requests at any time of year, but please note that requests made during peak service months (August through September) may take longer to fulfill.
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