CustomerSupport - ConnectED - How do I Update my Reading Wonders Calendar to an Earlier Start Date

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ConnectED - How do I Update my Reading Wonders Calendar to an Earlier Start Date

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This article explains how teachers can move their start date on their Reading Wonders calendar. This means that the lessons will be pushed BACKWARDS in their calendar. If you need to push days FORWARDS see KA 9628.

This will only work if you need to move the lesson back to a date that is before the calendar actually starts.
  1. From the home screen in the Reading Wonders Teacher edition, hover over Plan and select Calendar.

  2. Locate the correct first day your class should have started on the calendar. (ex: calendar starts on a day in October but it needs to start in September, go to September)

  3. Click the triangle icon next to the number of the selected day you want the calendar to start.

  4. Select Add Non-Teaching Day.

  5. Click the triangle icon again for the same day, and select Remove Non-Teaching Day.
  6. The first day of class will automatically snap back to the newly-created teaching day, which moves the entire calendar back to the new start date.

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