CustomerSupport - ConnectED - How do I Create a New Redemption Code?

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ConnectED - How do I Create a New Redemption Code?

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Teachers can follow the below instructions to create a new redemption code for students.
  1. Log in to ConnectED (

  2. Locate the student edition for which you would like to create a redemption code. Select Manage Content.

    User-added image

  3. If a 12-digit code is currently listed under Redemption Code:

  • Locate the heading near the top of the page that says Manage Redemption Code End Date.

  • Next to Current End Date, select the calendar icon to change the end date to today's date (or the soonest possible date).
    User-added image

  • Once the date you selected arrives, ConnectED will prompt you to create a new redemption code (as shown in Step 2).

  • Select Manage Content and proceed to Step 4.

  1. ​If the content has already expired, proceed to Step 4. 

  2. Select Create New Code located under the heading Redemption Code.
    User-added image

  3. You will be prompted to select an End Date. This should align with the end of your semester or school year.

  4. Select Create Redemption Code.

  5. Select OK.

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