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Everyday Math Online - Why won't the Games open?

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Teachers and students can see the below article for information regarding the requirement of certain plugins for EM Games, and why some devices and configurations are incompatible.
FAQs / Solutions

This article can help you resolve issues with playing certain EM Games activities on

Web Browser Plug-ins

Each EM Games activity is run on a specific web plugin - either Adobe Flash or Adobe Shockwave.  If you attempt to load a game, but instead see a broken puzzle piece or building block icon, your system is missing the plugin, which you may or may not be able to install depending on your environment.  Some browsers block plugins by default, but have controls to allow them on demand, or permanently for designated websites.

Pop-up Window Blocking

This applies to customers who are licensed only for the original one-player games.  In this interface, certain games show a pop-up window to let the player choose between variations.  If nothing happens when you launch these games, you will need to enable pop-up windows in your browser:

  • Credits/Debits Game
  • Disappearing Train
  • Exchange Game
  • Frac-Tac-Toe
  • High-Number Toss
  • Monster Squeeze Game
  • Tens-and-Ones Trading

Browser, Computer, and Network Security

Security software and hardware can block or slow transmission of Flash and Shockwave content.  For a list of technologies to allow, see the extended System Requirements document in the SUPPORT area online.  Administrators and technologists may request additional information through the Admin Request Form, also linked through SUPPORT.

Unsupported Platforms

Web-based EM Games activities were designed for and tested on a variety of Mac OS and Windows OS computers, using major browsers that support the required media plugins.  Below are some environments that do NOT support the plugins:


  • Google Chrome for Windows/Mac - Google depreciated Netscape-style plugins in Chrome 42, and disabled them completely in Chrome 45.
  • Chrome OS, LINUX, Apple iOS, and Android OS - Does not support Shockwave.


  • Google Chrome for Android OS and Apple iOS - Does not support Flash.
  • "Browser" for Android OS - Flash support was limited to Android 2.0 through 4.0.
  • Safari for Apple iOS - Does not support Flash.

Some games are available as standalone apps for Apple iOS devices.


Flash and Shockwave are free browser plug-ins from Adobe Systems.  The following links will help you find current versions of Flash and Shockwave on Adobe's website for any operating system that they support:


Adobe Flash

Web-based Flash media is not specifically designed for mobile use, but may work acceptably in Flash-enabled browsers on a variety of mobile devices:

  • Chrome browser on Chrome OS, Mac OS X, or Windows OS - Keeps Flash up-to-date when the browser auto-updates.
  • Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera, Safari browsers on Mac OS X or Windows OS - Recent versions of Flash will either auto-update or prompt the user, based on user settings.  The update affects all installed browsers.
  • Chrome browser on Android OS - Does not include any support for Flash.
  • Built-in browser on Android OS (certain smartphones and tablets) - Included native Flash support in the built-in browser, starting with Android OS 2.2 (May 2010), but discontinuedthis after Android 4.0 (June 2012).



Adobe Shockwave

Web-based Shockwave media will only work in web browsers on Mac OS X and Windows computers.  Adobe has never developed a Shockwave plug-in for other operating systems (including mobile devices), and does not intend to in the future.

Home users can usually just download the default ("Slim") installer for Shockwave.  However, when installing Shockwave on managed computers or on a protected network, we recommend using the "Full" installer.  This will pre-install all the "Shockwave XTRA" files required by some of our activities, rather than risk that the "Slim" installer will silently fail to download necessary components in the background.


To test whether the plug-ins are functioning on your system, you may use Adobe's plug-in testers, or visit our online computer test.

When possible, we design web content to be accessible to the greatest number of customers, at the time of publication.  When new web standards are introduced, older content may not be republished, especially if this would remove compatibility for older platforms.  Newer platforms often have ways to access the original formats.

Developers have several options to try to adapt Flash activities for use without a browser plug-in (HTML5 for the web, or embedding in desktop and mobile apps).  However, this is neither fast nor automatic; it is a significant business decision to undertake re-engineering and republishing an entire set of activities.