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ConnectED- A Book Disappeared From My Account

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This article explains why materials are no longer present in an instructor's ConnectED account.
FAQs / Solutions
If a book has disappeared from your instructor account, there are several possible causes:
  • Your school's access to the book may have expired, meaning the license (purchase) term has gone past the end date. If this has occurred, please contact your sales rep or MHE Customer Service to renew your subscription.

  • Unintentionally clicking the Return Content option in the Manage Content section for your book will return your copy of the material to your school. If this has occurred, re-redeeming the master code for your book will restore your access to this material.

  • The Master Code Holder may have chosen to revoke access for the title in question. Confirm whether or not your access has been revoked by reaching out to your master code holder.

  • If your school is using a bulk upload system to distribute material to your account, material that has been added via code redemption will be removed automatically when your content is refreshed by the school and replaced by the content that is slated to be associated with your account. This typically occurs daily at approximately 2 AM, but this time can potentially vary depending on the configuration used by your school. Please reach out to your internal curriculum coordinator if this is occurring.