CXGCustomerSupport - How do I get my grades from Connect into my gradebook on BlackBoard, BlackBoard Vista, or another course management system?
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How do I get my grades from Connect into my gradebook on BlackBoard, BlackBoard Vista, or another course management system?

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Note:  This solution does not apply to the Connect and BlackBoard Learn Integration.  Below are steps to export and import manually from Connect to BlackBoard.


Connect provides the ability to export your assignment grade reports to other learning management systems (BlackBoard of WebCT).  Microsoft® Excel® is the universal format used for exporting your reports.


Note:  Currently, this option is only available for BlackBoard or BlackBoard Vista.  Other learning management systems might be added in a future release.


To export a report:

  1. Select a section from the My Courses page.
  2. Click the Reports tab at the top right of the page.
  3. Select the Assignment Results report and change any report options if needed.
  4. Click view report to generate the report.
  5. Once your report has been generated, choose an option (i.e. Blackboard or BlackBoard Vista) from the Select Format drop down box.
    --Some reports, like the Assignment Results report, allow you to uncheck columns to exclude from your report. Uncheck any columns you do not want exported with your report.
    Note:  If you don't see an option in the drop down box for your course management system, this means that you haven't added the column in your roster yet.  Click Learn how to export these results into Blackboard or BlackBoard Vista to view steps to add a column in your roster and to the drop down box. 
  6. Click the Export button.
  7. A browser dialogue box opens asking you if you want to open or save the file.
  8. Click Save to save the file to your computer’s hard drive in a location that’s easy to find.
  9. Next, you can export this excel file into your Blackboard or BlackBoard Vista course management systems. 
You may want to view our Connect Instructor Online Help which includes detailed step by step instructions with screenshots explaining how to add columns into your roster, upload student IDs into the column that you created above, and also explains how to export the reports to BlackBoard or BlackBoard Vista course management systems.  Click here to access to the Connect Instructor Online Help.

Note:  For BlackBoard version 8+, BlackBoard has recently changed which formats they accept.  Click here to access the extra steps that are required to set this up correctly.