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How can I disable Adobe Flash Player Update Notifications?

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Adobe periodically updates Flash Player with new features or security fixes and notifies users who have Flash Player installed when an update is available.

To disable notification of updates:

  1. Right click on any Flash content, select Settings, Advanced and click the Global Notifications Settings tab in the Flash Player Settings Manager. Note: The Settings Manager is a Flash application that displays Flash Player settings which are stored on your computer only. Adobe does not store or track this information on its servers nor does it pass this information to third parties. 
  2. Deselect the Notify Me When an Update to Adobe Flash Player is Available option to stop receiving notifications.
  3. Close the Settings Manager. Flash Player automatically remembers the new settings.

Note: Automatic notification is available on all Microsoft Windows platforms for the following browsers: Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla or Opera. You also need to have permission to install software on your computer; that is, you need to log in as an administrator or as a user who has permission to install software.