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GDP 11/e - Will GDP 11/e run on a MAC?

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Will GDP 11/e run on a MAC?


Students can do all exercises except Document processing on the Mac. Macs have a different version of Word which cannot be used to complete the exercises that require Word 2007, namely, the Word Processing (WP) exercises and the Document Processing exercises. Students with Macs can complete these exercises on a PC, or could partition the Mac hard drive to create a Windows bootable partition, where the Windows version of Word can be installed. Mac has built in software called Boot Camp that allows this to be done.

Lessons 1-20 can be run completely on a Mac. For Lessons 21-120, all Skillbuilding exercises, Timed Writings, MAP+, and Language Arts exercises can also be run on a Mac. Only the Word Processing (WP) and Document Processing exercises are restricted to Word (2007 or 2010) for Microsoft Windows.