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GDP 11 - How to archive a student's Portfolio

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**Please Note** If an Instructor calls in because a student is retaking a GDP 11 course or has moved onto another GDP 11 course and the instructor needs the previous work cleared, we will assist the instructor with archiving the student's data. If a student calls in we should direct them to the instructor and inform the student that the instructor will need to archive their work.


How do I archive a student's Portfolio and how will it affect the student's account?

1. Go to your GDP 11 domain and proceed to login to your instructor account
2. Click on “Students” in the upper-left corner
3. Locate the appropriate student account and use the “Actions” drop-down to select “Edit”
4. Click on the “Assign Class” tab
5. Select the appropriate class and section that the student will be currently enrolled in
6. Place a “Check” in the check-box to archive the old student data. *** Note *** Checking this box will automatically archive all of the student's previous data while leaving the student's personal information intact. This cannot be undone without contacting support. Archived data for students can be viewed from Students --> Archive --> Historical.
7. Click Save
8. You can now go back to students and search for the individual student. The student’s portfolio is now empty.
9. To view the “archived” student portfolio:
a. Go to “Students” on the left-hand side
b. Click on the “Archive” Tab
c. Click on the “Historical Tab
d. Locate the appropriate student and use the portfolio icon to preview the student’s portfolio.

Additional Information:

Archiving a student does not delete a student but, rather, removes (s)he from the active roster of students. Archived students will still retain their account and registration status. An archived student can still access the program, however if any work is completed it will not be reported.

  • When you edit student data (typically, this is done at the end of a term but can be done anytime), you have the option to archive all Portfolio data for that student, but retain the student’s personal information so that student begins with a new, fresh, blank Portfolio. You can either leave the student in the assigned class or reassign that student to a new Class and Section. There is no longer a need to request a new Registration Code.
  • Access this feature via the Students tab; from the Actions menu for the desired student, click Edit; from the Assign Class tab, check Auto archive old student data. Note that checking this box will automatically archive all the student's previous data (everything associated with the student including resources, messages, portfolio, grades, is also archived); but the student's personal information remains intact. This cannot be undone without escalated to Triad.
  • All archived student data can be viewed via Students, Archive tab, and Historical tab.
  • Once a student's Portfolio data and other relation information are archived, the student cannot log into that account. In Instructor Management, the results for the newly data archived account will no longer appear in the Student tab or in GPS—Gradebook tab, or related reports. However, an instructor can still view the Student Portfolio and required exercise list for a data-archived student via Students, Archive tab, Historical tab.
  • The username and student ID are appended with "-data archive-vX" and the student account is updated to an inactive state. A new student account is automatically created with the same personal information (Username, Student ID, password, first name, last name, registration code, and role) as the original. Note that because this is a new account, the Portfolio, Message Center, and so forth are blank.