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Connect - Student registration, access and account creation for New Connect

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FAQs / Solutions
Step 1. Students can obtain Connect in a number of ways. They can:
  • Use a registration or access code
  • Buy access using a credit card
  • Utilize courtesy access (free trial)
Regardless of what method they use to obtain Connect, you will have to provide them access to Connect first.
In your My courses page, find the section you want students to access. From the section options menu (the gear icon), select registration sheet (A).
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Step 2. Customized student registration instructions will open with the section's specific web address (A). You're able to edit this web address to make it shorter and easier to remember.
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Step 3. When students visit your section web address, remind them to verify the course and section information before entering their email address (A) and clicking Begin (B).
Note: If students already purchased the book using either a credit card or access code, they still have to join the class. They must enter the email address they used when purchasing the book and they'll be registered to the class.
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Step 4. Next students will create a Connect account. After entering their information and agreeing to the terms, they will click Next Step (A).
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Step 5. Students will choose one of the options:
  • (A) Enter the access/registration code printed on the card that came with their textbook or which they purchased separately.
  • (B) Buy Online. This will take them through a purchase flow where they will register for Connect first and then enter billing and credit card information.
  • (C) Start courtesy access, which is a two-week free trial that enables students to register and access their course/assignments prior to purchasing access. This option is convenient for students awaiting financial aid and those who may drop the class and do not want to commit to purchasing Connect just yet.
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Step 6.
Once they’ve completed the registration and purchase flow, student will verify that the class is correct and then click Confirm (A).
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Step 7. This is the final page in the registration process. Students will click Go To Connect (A) to check out their new Connect class!
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Best Practices:
  • Edit your section web address to make it shorter and easier to remember.
  • Copy and paste your section web address into your syllabus or learning management system (such as Canvas or Blackboard) for easy student access.
  • Each section of your Connect course will have a unique web address. If students change sections during the term or register for the wrong section, provide them with the web address of the new/correct section they need to be transferred into, have them click Register Now and follow the prompts. Connect will recognize their account and allow the students to easily register in the new section. If the students submitted any assignments in the other section, the grades cannot be transferred.