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Connect - Add Component to Your Course

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FAQs / Solutions
1. Components are adaptive learning products that you can use as tools to enhance your course. Connect offers these components in bundles, which you can choose when creating your course. Click add course (A) to begin.
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2. Search by title, author or subject.
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3. Bundles offered will depend on the textbook selected for your course. Select the bundle (A) you want to use. Click inside any of the boxes for a detailed description of included products.

Note: Once any student in any section registers for the course, the bundle cannot be changed. All students would need to be removed from the roster before you could add to the bundle. They would then have to re-register for the course.

If students haven’t registered yet and you want to choose different products, go to your My courses page and select add components next to the course name. If you want to remove products from the bundle, you must rebuild the course.

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