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Some web based (online) applications require Adobe Flash Player to be installed as a third party plug-in. Depending on the preferred internet browser being used, The Adobe Flash Player can be installed as an “Active X” item or as a “Plug-In”.

08/29/18 Update: On September 4, 2018, Google will be releasing a new version of Chrome (Chrome 69) that will require a user to give permission to run Flash on a site that contains Flash content every time a user restarts chrome. Prior to this version a user was able to manually allow the sites and it would save the setting.
  1. Use the link provided below to determine the version of Adobe Flash Player currently installed for the current Internet browser being used.

  2. Use the link provided below to download and install the most recent version of the Adobe Flash Player.

  3. Once your reach the Adobe Flash Player download website, be sure to un-check any additional software included in the download.
    (example: Free! Google Toolbar or McAfee Security Scan Plus)

  4. Select the Download Now button to begin the download
  5. Run the application when prompted
  6. If prompted you may need to close your internet browser for the installation to complete. (Leave the black installer window open, but close all other windows).
  7. When the installation is complete, click on “Finish”.
Please view the attached document
for additional instructions and screen shots.